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A Vibrant Future
for Clearwater

A Vibrant Future
for Clearwater

Meet Kathleen.

Kathleen Beckman is a proven champion and leader for the residents of Clearwater. During her time as a member of the Clearwater City Council, she has worked extremely closely with residents and community leaders on issues like lowering city and resident costs, transportation, safety, sustainability, access to housing, and transparency and accountability for city operations. Kathleen consistently considers the interests of everyday Clearwater residents first and that’s what she will continue to do as our next Mayor.

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A Vibrant Future isn't merely a reflection of my journey; it's an embodiment of the American dream. Through trials and tribulations, it's this vision for a Vibrant Future—marked by optimism, resilience, and conviction—that propels us toward a better tomorrow. Join our campaign as a founding donor to bring this Vibrant Future to Clearwater.

Kathleen's Vision for Clearwater

Lisa Blunt Rochester is running to make a difference – and to make history.

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